You can find information on this readathon here!

This readathon comes in two official editions: Easy (5 books) and Advanced (15 books)!

  • Easy: Complete the first prompt and then one prompt of your choice from each of the remaining 4 categories!
  • Advanced: Complete all the prompts below!
  • Busy Lifestyle/Slow Reader? If you typically read only a few books a month and still want to participate, try picking the 5 Easy Edition prompts of your choice and getting as many of the prompts possible to match just one or two books!

2021: Round 1 – Island Setup

STEP 1: Name your Island!

Welcome to your new home, a place to read completely undisturbed! To get you started on your own personal paradise, let’s give your place a name!

PROMPT: Read a book with a title that starts with the name of your island/town/village in the latest AC game you play/played! Don’t play AC? Substitute this with the first letter of your first name!

STEP 2: Get your first villager!

Okay, so, we said ‘completely undisturbed’…. About that…. Don’t you want a friend to rant about your last read to?! Well, you’re getting one! What kind of personality do they have?

PROMPT A: Cranky – Read a book with a MC that is rough around the edges!

PROMPT B: Jock – Read a book with a MC that loves sports/is on a sports team!

PROMPT C: Lazy – Read a book with a MC who is an anti-hero!

PROMPT D: Smug – Read a book with a MC who has a big ego!

STEP 3: Get your second villager!

Okay, look, we know we sprung the last one on you, but…. Maybe you’re an extrovert who loved chatting with your new villager and you need more to form a book club! Or you… hated the last one…. but ANOTHER neighbor will keep them busy surely so you can focus on reading more! Anyway, here they areeee:

PROMPT A: Normal – Read a book with a MC who is morally grey or a fantasy/supernatural book where the MC has no abilities/is human!

PROMPT B: Peppy – Read a book with a MC that is an extrovert!

PROMPT C: Snooty – Read a book with a MC who is obsessed with fashion/style!

PROMPT D: Sisterly – Read a book with a MC who has a younger sibling!

STEP 4: Pick a Hemisphere!

Before we load you all onto the plane (we, uh… gave you the middle seat…), do you want us to send you somewhere where it’s springtime or autumn?

PROMPT A: Northern Hemisphere – Read a book that’s set in the springtime!

PROMPT B: Southern Hemisphere – Read a book that’s set in autumn!

STEP 5: Pick a Fruit!

Welcome to your — Oh no! They forgot to plant the trees! Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this right away! We’ll just plant some…. Uh, what kind do you want?

PROMPT A: Pears – Read a book with a mostly green cover!

PROMPT B: Apples/Cherries – Read a book with a mostly red cover!

PROMPT C: Oranges – Read a book with a mostly orange cover!

PROMPT D: Peaches – Read a book with a mostly yellow or pink cover!

Need help picking between a book? Tag us in a poll at @breezy_hollow and we’ll vote/retweet it for you!

Need help thinking of a book? Check out the book recs video (coming soon) at Ashley’s Reads!