Inspired by Animal Crossing | March 1 – 31

2021: Round 1 – Island Setup

Welcome to the Breezy Hollow Readathon information page.

You do not have to play Animal Crossing to join, all readers are welcome!

We all love to read different quantities of books, so this readathon will come in two editions: Easy and Advanced! The easy edition allows you to choose one prompt from each category and the advanced edition includes all of the options as prompts. This means you can choose to aim for 5 or 15 books. You can find the prompts here.

Stuck on a prompt? Check out some recommendations for each prompt here!

r u l e s

• Prompts are meant for 5 or 15 separate books. If you typically read less than 5 books a month and still want to participate, though, feel free to challenge yourself by picking 1 or 2 books that fit as many of the 5 prompts as possible!

• There is no certain order that you need to complete these books in! Feel free to go in order of choice, alphabetically, by color, random generator, whatever your heart desires!

• You can interpret/stretch the prompts however you see fit! The MC personality prompts are especially subjective. For color prompts, ideally the book you choose has the main color on the cover, but even the color in the title could work!

• You don’t have to make a TBR in advance (we value mood readers here too), but if you do, please tag it #BreezyHollowReadathon on insta or twitter, and I’d love to show off your lovely video/graphic/list/photo!

• The readathon starts at midnight your timezone March 1 and ends when the clock strikes 00:00 April 1 in your timezone! I am in CST (Central Standard Timezone), so the Twitter will generally reflect that.

• All types of books count (audiobooks, manga, comic books, graphic novels, e-books, physical, etc.)! No minimum page count. If you want to read it and it’s listed on Goodreads, it counts!

• There are no teams or official points in this intro round, but if you’d like to help us keep track of how many books we all managed to read, I made this prompt submission form here!

Please reach out to @breezy_hollow on Twitter if you have any other questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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