Hello! My name is Ashley and I am the owner of Vivaciously Vintage and Of Fiction & Fantasy (my reading vlog)!

I am a college graduate, military wife, dog mom, and book reviewer! In this blog, I will be sharing the following:

• Book Reviews
• Cooking/Baking Adventures
• Make-up Reviews
• Lifestyle of a stay at home housewife (aspiring to be vintage)!


I was born in Indiana, grew up in Ohio and Utah, attended university in Kentucky, and currently reside in Kansas.

I have been married for three years, and am currently learning how to master that stay-at-home wife life while moving every few years thanks to the Army. We have a Labrador Retriever named Caroline who runs the house.

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember! From scribbling pretend grocery lists to terribly incoherent stories I forced my siblings to read, putting words onto paper (or, in this case, a screen) is my calling. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication with a minor and internship experience in Marketing! I’d love to one day get a book published, work at a library, and/or keep studying to become an Academic Advisor to help others make their own paths to doing what they love, too!

I adore reading and gaming almost just as much as writing, and have spent most of this last half of 2020 working on joining the BookTube community, participating in reading challenges, and reviewing ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy). This blog will contain a lot about my thoughts on books.

Favorite genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Self-Help, Mystery, Historical Biographies

Favorite authors: Sarah J. Maas, Erin A. Craig, Richelle Mead, Sarah Dessen, Leigh Bardugo

Personality traits: ENFJ, 3w2, Slytherpuff, Lawful Good

Inspirations/Faves: Cinderella, Leslie Knope, Amy Santiago, Evie Grimhilde, Caroline Forbes, Grace Kelly

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